My Thoughts On The 2016 Presidential Election

How to vote in this election

How I will vote in this election
With this election, I am going to the voting booth not “supporting” a candidate. I am voting for the one that I believe will do the best job for the citizens of this country; which includes my family.

Neither of the candidates align closely with want I would like to see.

The candidates have a history and skill set that they bring to the table. Both good and bad.

I am not voting to stop someone else from being the president. I am voting for one over the others because I believe they will make wiser choices than the others.

I am not voting for a fictional ideal candidate nor am I thumbing my nose at the candidates because they do not meet the standards of my ideal candidate – to do so would be to “throw away” my freedoms.

I am voting based on the given choices that are available to me because we live in a free country – America. I will vote for the person that I perceive will help to keep us free and lessen the growing tyranny of “government reach” into our lives.

Before I vote, I will research the available candidates and see where they stand on the issues that matter to me. I will do this not just for the president but for everyone I will vote for.

I believe that voting is too important to vote along party lines. I will vote for each candidate individually.

I would desire that you vote the same way I do; but I will still love and care for you regardless of who you vote for – that is what a free country like America stands for. You and I can still be friends with no change in our relationship if you vote differently than I do.

I will not listen to the spewing of hate and lies about America – we have, since our inception, been the champion of freedom and compassion to the entire world. We are not perfect, and I would like to see everyone, especially fellow Americans, stop expecting us to be. We are still that people at heart; it is our government that is not.

As I vote, I will pray for all that is good with our country and that God will continue to have mercy on us. I will pray that the elections are fair and that the “people’s vote” counts. But I will vote.

Ronald Reagan – “I believe that until and unless someone can establish that the unborn child…

Ronald Reagan on abortion

“With me, abortion is not a problem of religion, it’s a problem of the Constitution. I believe that until and unless someone can establish that the unborn child is not a living human being, then that child is already protected by the Constitution, which guarantees life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness to all of us.”

Video courtesy of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Library

Ronald Reagan on abortion and the constitution

Bible Verses for Dealing with Anxiety and Fear – My Journey

Just over three years ago, my life changed dramatically. Up until that time, I was unaware that stress and anxiety were boiling inside of me. I was one of “those guys” that didn’t believe I could be affected by anxiety. I thought I was too tough or strong for something like anxiety. I never saw it coming; truth is, when it did come, I didn’t believe it. My wife saw it, but neither of us would have guessed the magnitude of what life can become when anxiety takes over.

Bible Verses for Dealing with Anxiety and FearLooking back, I can see 3 things that I did right from the beginning that were essential for healing:

  1. I started to journal everyday.
  2. I read and studied the Bible every day.
  3. I prayed all the time, and did not hold back my feelings or thoughts from God.

The stress or anxiety or fear – whatever you want to call it was unbearable and continuous. It completely debilitated me. I could not sleep, I could not work, I could not eat.

Righteous Anger and Suffering, A Lesson Learned the Hard Way

I stumbled hard over the last two months.  Consider this my confession.

Romans 12 Ever burn with anger and frustration at the injustice of something or someone?  It’s a feeling that I have become very familiar with over the last 8 weeks or so.  I had gotten to the point of being so frustrated that the situation had consumed a large portion of my thought life. Planning what I would do, how I could be heard, how I could make it right.

Truth is, I have the ability to think about things and carry on entire conversations (arguments) in my mind – if this, then that. Like a chess players thinks 10-14 moves ahead.  I’m sure that you have this ability too.

When You Are Called Home

Called Home April 2014

Called home April, 2014

A dear brother and friend in Christ was just called home.  I heard the news this morning as I was preparing to head to church.  Matt was a good young man; he was 40 when he passed.  What made him good?  That’s just my opinion, my rating system.  He gave more than he took.

Matt was the leader of our small group.  He was responsible for leading 8 men and himself.  Leading a small group is akin to saying his job was to be “Christ like” to us and set an example. Matt gave all that he had to our group. He was and is an excellent example of a small group leader.

Each one of us has a day that we are going to be called home – to heaven or to hell (Ecclesiastes 3:2).  That’s true whether you believe it or not.  Everyone has to reconcile how they got here?  How were they born?  How did humanity start?  Even for the most ardent atheist you still have to explain how what you believe ever came from nothing.