You’ve Gotta Love Millennials

Micah Tyler


You’ve Gotta Love Millennials! — Here is Micah Tyler with a parody that opened a church conference encouraging people to see past the stereotypes and recognizing the unique potential that Millennials have! Although I’m not sure how this video fits in with the conferences stated goal; you have to admit that it is quite funny.

If you enjoyed this, check out Micah’s hit new single Never Been a Moment:

Nobody’s Perfect

Nobodys Perfect
Have you ever heard some one say, “Oops, oh well, nobody’s perfect?” This usually follows some kind of accident or mistake. It’s a good excuse, right? After all, no one is perfect. Yet Jesus said, “You are to be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect” (Mt 5:48). What does this mean? We all know that God does not make mistakes. So how can we be as perfect as the Father? How can this be?

I’ve heard it explained that this is just a goal; that being perfect is not possible in this life. Really? Can you think of just one command from God that is not really a command? Commands are not suggestions! When I hear someone lessen the force of this verse, it reminds me of Genesis 3:1, where the serpent said, ” Did God really say—–?” So, the question is, “What is Jesus requiring of us here?”

Let’s first look at the word translated as perfect. Does it describe a state or quality only applicable to God, like omnipotent or eternal, or is it more like words that describe God’s character like just, faithful (reliable), merciful and holy? Qualities that are unquestionably demanded of all believers?

In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word is tam, meaning complete, or tamim, also meaning complete, whole or entire. The word tam is applied to Job by God in Job 1:8 where it is translated as perfect or blameless. Job was, “upright and perfect.” The word tamim is used to describe Noah in Genesis 6:9; “Noah was tamim in his time and walked with God.” The word shalom usually translated as peace means, basically, wholeness.

In the New Testament the word usually translated perfect is teleios and means complete, finished, lacking nothing, mature. James says, “Let endurance finish its work that you may be teleios and entire, lacking in nothing” (verse 1:4 ). Kind of a semi definition, I think.

In the Bible being complete, whole, or finished is the ideal state to reach.

Evangelist pastors and teachers should be working to this end: “Warning everyone and teaching everyone, with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ” (Colossians 1:28). In Ephesians 4:12-13 we see that Jesus, Himself, gave to us evangelists, pastors, and teachers, “To equip His people for works of service so that the body of Christ may be built up until we all reach the unity of the faith and to the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ.”

The warning and teaching itself must be perfect, that is complete or thorough, to cover all we need to know in order that we may be complete people. Especially, since no teacher knows what someone they are ministering to may be lacking in their faith. I think that it often takes God to identify this lack for us. Jesus does this in Mark 10:17. Remember the account of the rich young ruler who asked Jesus what he needed to do to inherit eternal life. Jesus said, “Keep the commandments,” and the man replied that he had from his youth. Jesus then looked at him and loved him and said,”One thing you lack, go sell everything you have and give to the poor and you will have treasure in heaven, then come and follow me.” This man was faithful in obeying the commandments and yet lacked one thing.

God knows for sure when we are finished, but I think that we can too, if we are honest with ourselves.

When You Don’t Get To Announce Your Pregnancy – The Refiner’s Fire


The special veil has been lifted…you know the one where there is an idealistic side of life where in general you are safe and life is good. Sure, bad things happen, but they are isolated, and for the most part, are for others. 

To be clear, I know I’m not alone. Many experience this and those that do come to this point through pain and suffering.  

A refiner’s fire.

About 10 days ago, the Lord blessed us with my wife being pregnant.  Oh the emotion that went through our hearts and bodies! Both of us in our 40’s, and me pushing 50, really creates many questions for my wife and I…most go unanswered. 

When You Are Called Home

Called Home April 2014

Called home April, 2014

A dear brother and friend in Christ was just called home.  I heard the news this morning as I was preparing to head to church.  Matt was a good young man; he was 40 when he passed.  What made him good?  That’s just my opinion, my rating system.  He gave more than he took.

Matt was the leader of our small group.  He was responsible for leading 8 men and himself.  Leading a small group is akin to saying his job was to be “Christ like” to us and set an example. Matt gave all that he had to our group. He was and is an excellent example of a small group leader.

Each one of us has a day that we are going to be called home – to heaven or to hell (Ecclesiastes 3:2).  That’s true whether you believe it or not.  Everyone has to reconcile how they got here?  How were they born?  How did humanity start?  Even for the most ardent atheist you still have to explain how what you believe ever came from nothing.

Richard Hartian and Wisdom Calls Update

Hello friends, I wanted to let you know a few things.

First, I have added some of you to the email system that sends out this email when I post something here on my personal blog.  I chose you because I consider you either a close friend or someone who thinks like me or thinks the opposite of me – or possibly both. If you would rather not receive this email, please just email me personally, and I’ll remove you (  I’d rather you not use the link at the bottom of this page.

Second, many or most of you have been with me for a long time…get ready for it – as I’m going to pick it up a bit…

A couple of things about this site.  I’ve had it for many years and have not written very much, especially lately.  I expect to write once in a while, but I will be writing on some issues that many people have strong feelings about. I’m hoping to get some discussion going in the comments section…I really want you to participate and share – even if you disagree (unless by disagreeing you can only be nasty and one-sided).


I am redesigning my personal blog.  For the next few months or so you will see many slow changes take place.  This is not my area of expertise, but I’m going it alone anyhow.

I know some of you are bloggers.  I am going to do the exact opposite and not care about SEO and that garbage.  If you have a nice site that fits or you sell something useful, get in touch with me and you can advertise here on the right side for free.

In that light, some of the links on the site might make me a few pennies or dollars if you use them and buy something…some might help friends and other readers…thanks for making a point in using them.

I am also going to completely redevelop the content.  I’m still working on my main categories, however, here is what I’m thinking so far.  You will see the categories change:

  • Religion and Faith
  • Personal Developement
  • Politics – The Antics of The Left and Right
  • Moral Character
  • Great Quotes
  • This and That (stuff that fits no where else and generally makes people unsubscribe)

My brother (Robert Hartian) may write here too – we agree on a lot, and disagree on some things that will make this fun for those that like to watch that sort of thing.  He actually wrote the last quote. Nicely done, if you ask me, for his first post…

For a short time I did a radio show with David Smith of IFI – I may drag those shows in here and post them…

The WordPress theme that I am using is from Michael Hyatt.  I have followed Michael for some 4+ years and have thoroughly enjoyed his content.

By the way, I have two other blogs that I work on.

  • Winning Agent – this is focused on Realtors.  It is simply a teaching blog for those in the real estate profession.  There are no adds and I plan to keep it that way.
  • Money Press – this is blog in the process of being repurposed (and may never get done based on the progress so far) as a social media site for real estate professionals – Mortgage Loan Officers, Realtors, Attorneys, Contractors, Insurance Agents and etc… The goal is to allow those looking for services a convenient place to find people without being harassed by phone calls and emails.  It’s a place to connect and find out about who you might want to work with.

My wife has a blog that she works on too. She has had some incredible stats with one of her posts being pinned over 10,000 times…Yes – I am a bit jealous!

  • Momma Health – this is a site about natural health.  Unfortunately for her, taking care of our family and homeschooling takes a lot of her time, so she does not post as much as she wants. My wife is quite a genius with this stuff.  My kids and I are so blessed by her…

Thanks for sticking around…