Life Matters: The End of Roe V. Wade

What’s to Come, and How to Respond

The U.S. Supreme Court issued its ruling today on the Dobbs V. Jackson case – Officially Roe V. Wade has been overturned! Today life was chosen (Deuteronomy 30:19), and the joyful celebrations of “life” winning can begin. We celebrate because we know that babies unborn in their most innocent state are that much closer to enjoying the same protection that you and I enjoy on this side of the womb – as if location should have ever mattered.

As we celebrate, we must acknowledge that the side that hates what God loves and hates God‘s creation is planning a response. We saw a smaller-scaled glimpse of their forthcoming response two years ago during the season of riots across the country – the intentional destruction of property and life in mostly Democratically-controlled communities across the country. And let’s not forget, that we also have seen multiple pregnancy centers, pro-life organizations and churches vandalized and attacked since the Scotus leak.

A recent tweet from Chicago’s Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, should be seen as their “call to arms.”

Mayor Lightfoot said, “The Supreme Court is coming for us next. This moment has to be a call to arms.” And later also said “We will not surrender our rights without a fight…”

A call to arms is just that; its definition is a summons to engage in active hostilities – this is the plan and they have already showed how capable they are in destroying cities, people and communities.

No one should be surprised at what they have coming. It has already been planned. That is why the original court briefing was leaked; it was a “call to arms.”

How do we respond?

We as Christians and people who value life should respond by staying away during the riots, reminding ourselves that President Trump delivered on his promise to protect the unborn and allowing the left to show themselves once again as to who they are and who they represent. And while you’re at home, pray for their souls, pray for the innocent people that will be caught up in Satan’s fury, pray for people that will be hurt and for lives lost. Pray for God‘s will to be done. Ephesians 6:12 tells us exactly what battle we are in.

We must remind ourselves that Satan is a destroyer of God’s creation – life. He is the father of abortion and the selfishness that stems from it. Remember that “life” won today.

Why pray for them? Those that are rioting were created in the image of God. Satan does not discriminate against whom he destroys. Those that riot, create havoc, hurt, maim, lie, steal, destroy are simply doing Satan‘s bidding. They will be caught up in their own destruction.

What should our battle cry for the next couple of weeks be? Celebrate life, stay away from cities under Democratic rule, pray for hearts to be changed and ask that in God’s mercy, what we have seen in the past, will not again be the response. Pray 2nd Chronicles 7:14.

One last thing. Remind yourself that voting matters. President Trump ran on a campaign of protecting the child that is in the womb – this was one of his main promises to the country, to you and to I. As he did in many things, he delivered on his promise by appointing pro-life judges to the Supreme Court. Thank God for using President Trump for this victory and pray for his soul.

If you found yourself voting for President Biden and the Democratic left, do not be blind for everything that he is about to do (and frankly has done). For everything un-democratic he and the Democratic mayors and governors and politicians are about to try. We are reaping the effects of this parties’ policies. In many ways, those that vote for someone share in the credit for the outcome, and in this case, the rioting in the streets, the lives that will be lost, and all the current chaos going on around us. But don’t despair, you can always vote differently in the upcoming election.  Changing your vote is exactly what America stands for – it’s patriotic and it will change the course of this country, and who knows, it might even stop the grooming of little kids in the public schools.

Voting matters…

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