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Currently I am President of Ardain Mortgage Corp. a mortgage bank in Palatine, IL.  I spend most of my working time speaking and training mortgage and real estate professionals.

My working career began in 1988 when I started my first company within the real-estate industry; a construction company.  During this time period, I (along with some great employees) rehabilitated 100’s of properties, built new single family homes and 1 multi-unit townhouse project.  In 1993 I used a medical setback as an opportunity to redirect myself from construction to the real estate and mortgage industry.  Utilizing my experience in real estate and my finance degree, I began originating mortgage loans in the Chicago land Area.  After 10 successful years of originating mortgage loans, I started Ardain Mortgage Corp.  Ardain has grown in sales and employees every year since its beginning in 2004.  Where most of the industry experienced major setbacks and layoffs in 2007 and 2008, my company experienced its greatest growth.

My personal life is filled with my wonderful wife, Bonnie, and our 4 great kids. I identify myself first as a Christ follower who believes in the inerrancy of the Bible.  I attend Harvest Bible Chapel in Rolling Meadows, Illinois where I lead a home small group.

My interest and hobbies still mostly relate to real estate investment, and in my spare time I follow the stock and futures markets and visit the health club.

Richard M. Hartian

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