For I am dying

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For I am dying

Oh, if only I could return to the way that I was
where I was born from tyranny

I was created from one faith
and for the freedom of that faith

Now I am tired,
I have forgotten from where I have come
Nay, I seem to not even care from where I have come

But only if I could return to the days from afar
where freedom was true and faith was in the “I Am”

I remember the days when food was plenty, people were strong, and we walked with the Creator
Who gave us all things and wrapped us in His protection

But I have grown to not need the Creator
because I have decided I am better

For truth is no longer important and I have no need for faith,
I have no need for freedom

I have sold it all for gold and power and desire
I just want what I want as I die a slow death

I was once a Great, as proud as the eagle
I have sold it for the now, and tomorrow is no more

Should I get your pity if I cry out,
You that I have mocked?
But I have forgotten to Whom I should call

Perhaps I’ll just lie down and sleep and wait for nothing
My time may be done
since I gave it all up

by Richard M Hartian
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Christ Follower, Fortunate Husband, Home-school Dad, Blessed Dad of 4, Bible Reading, Video Game Enthusiast, AFOL, Worn Out & Fully Redeemed.

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